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Introduction to EZ Retail

EZ Retail provides powerful options designed for your retail business needs. EZ Retail is a cost-effective Point Of Sale system that is user friendly and packed with many outstanding features.

All retail stores types can reap benefits and stay competitive using the EZ Retail system. We understand each retail store operates a bit differently and may need a custom feature to give them the edge. With EZ Retail you can benefit from a custom software package designed for you business needs.

With the latest POS and inventory management technology for single or multi-store retailers, EZ Retail is designed for retail businesses that need an affordable, easy to learn and use application. Let us help eliminate the manual processes and increase your business efficiency.

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The QuickBooks direct connection and Enterprise Suite of EZ Retail really help us streamline our business and easily manage multiple locations

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Managing multiple locations with EZ Retail is easy! The Enterprise Suite, and integrated gift cards for all of our locations makes this possible. We are very happy with the service and response time for any support or help we need

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